Galician festivals and fiestas

Spain is a nation of festivals goers and Galicia is no exception with regional, provincial, town, culinary, produce and fishing festivals celebrating anything and everything.

Many of the bigger festivals are religious in origin, but some of the local and more interesting festivals celebrate a town or even a crop. Some festivals last a day whilst others may extend up to one week.

Today many of Galicia’s festivals have lost their original symbolism, but a number still involve elaborate costumes, the consuming of food and drink and plenty of dancing and noise.

Below the ads is a list of some of the better known and more tourist friendly events.

Festivals in Pontevedra province

San Sebastian de Aldan, Fiesta of Arribada da Pinta, Romaria do Corpino, Fiesta of Oysters,¬†Festival of Lamprey, Fiesta dos Maios, Fiesta of Salmon, Fiesta of Trout, Curro of Valga, Curro de Mougas, Romeria do Corpino, Festival of Saint John, Fiesta de Roscon de Yema, San Benito, Saint James day, Virgen del Carmen, Cultura Quente, festival of Rosquilla, Horse fair, Saint Benedict, Curro de Amil, A festival of Lamb, Lobster pot festival, Fiesta of Saint Martha, Fiesta of Rosal wine, Fiesta of Barrantes wine, Fiesta of Saint Benedict of Lerez, Festival of the clam, Curro of Sabuccedo , Romeria de Sint Fins, Fiesta of Jamon, Fiesta of Aguardiente, Virgen de la Roca, Festival of Albarino wine, Viking festival, Romeria de San Xusto, Fiesta of the Soutelo Bagpiper, Fiesta of the pilgrim virgin, Fiesta of fear, Festival of Condado wine, Festival of the Empanada, Christ of victory, Saint Mary’s day, San Roque.

Festivals in Ourense province Xinzo de Limia, Os Maiso, Fiesta de la Androlla y Carnaval, The Carnival de Laza, the Carnival deVerin, Feria exposicion de exaltacion del vino de O Ribeiro, Fiesta del pimiento, Fiesta del pulpo, Festa da Istoria, Romaria de A Sainza.

Festivals in Lugo province Fiesta de San Froilan, O frenda do Reino de Galicia o Santisimo Sacramento, Corpus Christi, San Juan, Santa Maria,

Festivals in la Coruna province Saint James day, Fiesta del Queso, Romeria del Santo Cristo, Semana Santa, Hogueras de San Juan, Mundo Celta, Pimientos de Herbon, Fiesta Patronales de San Roque, Nosa Senora da Barca, festival of San Bartolomeu. the best site to buy replica watches online. High quality watches, unbeatable prices, and fast shipping!