Galicia town guides

One of Galicia’s appeals to the tourist is the number and variety of towns and villages scattered across the region. Many of these towns are to be found on the coast and represent the area’s seafaring heritage, but others can be found in the hilly and mountainous interior and sit in valleys or adjacent to rivers. Below are a selection of some of the better known and more tourist friendly of these. Click on the image to be taken to a full page summary about any of the towns that interest you.

Ribeira is one of Galicia’s larger coastal towns, it has a substantial port, a thriving fishing industry and represents the seafaring history and economy of the region. Ribeira also has a large beach and is famous for its sardines.

The town of Muros was once a busy and bustling fishing port with a daily fish market. Fishing still plays a part in the towns’s economy and community, but tourism and day trippers now provide most of the town’s income during the summer months.

Melide is a large town with a mixed economy and a colourful summer festival. It is close to the Galician coast, but has a farming rather than a fishing heritage. It has some local beaches, the typical Spanish courtyards and a number of old churches.

Padron is one of Galicia’s most famous towns and was once one of its most important trading ports. Padron is associated with many myths and stories, most connected with saint James who it is claimed once preached there from a natural rocky oratory above the town.

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Porto Sin is the evolved location of a town that originally started life as a small port. Today this town has a major water sports complex with a large private yaht club, but a commercial port is still active and the old town retains much of its charm.

Noia was an important town in days gone by and has strong religious connections. Once a prominent fishing port, it is still famous for its shellfish and as a popular summer tourist spot. It is one of the regiond bigger towns.

Rianxo is yet another typical Galician coastal town, although certainly more attractive than most. It has a large natural harbour, a local beach and an unspoilt town centre built into a steep gradient.

Betanzos is one of many towns in the la Coruna province and it is close to la Coruna city. Situated a short distance inland it has a well maintained medieval district, some churches and a distinctive clock tower. the best site to buy replica watches online. High quality watches, unbeatable prices, and fast shipping!