This area is split into sections covering flights, car hire, public transport and organised tours in Galicia.

Flights to Galicia

Galicia has international airports in la Coruna, Santiago de Compostela and Vigo and it is possible to fly directly, or indirectly, into all of these airports. The main direct route passenger carriers to Galicia are Iberia and Ryanair (UK) and Delta, Iberia, Continental and Air Europe (USA). Flights from the USA require one or more stops for refuelling, connections or switching of carriers. Return flight prices (if booked in advance) average at around £100 to £150 per person from the UK and $800 to $1200 from the USA (although the latter will vary significantly depending on the departure location in the USA).
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Car hire

Car hire should be organised in advance and bookings can be made with airlines, or the majority of major car rental companies. Hertz, Avis, Holiday Autos, Monach and many others rental companies operate in Galicia. Most of the larger companies also have partnership or affiliate relationships with local car hire companies. Car hire costs vary, but budgeting for £120 ($210) per week incl. CDW and daily excess is typical for a compact 3 door, 4 seat vehicle with air conditioning and running on lead free or diesel fuel. British travellers will find fuel prices low whilst those from the USA will find them higher than at home.

If travelling by car a good map, or better still, multiple maps are a necessity. Maps can be obtained at airports and shops, but many excellent tourist maps are available free of charge at the tourist offices which can be found in most cities and towns. There are several different tourist organisations in Galicia and what is on offer will vary between them.

Municipal transport in Galicia

Public transport is widely used in Galicia and buses can be caught to even the most remote of towns and villages. Timetables are fairly accurate, buses are new, clean and air conditioned and prices are very low due to national subsidies. Knowing where you are going and how to read the timetable is of course essential if you are to travel this way.

Galicia has a train system, but trains only run between the main cities and are of limited use to tourists unless a change of holiday base is being made.

Taxis and organised tours

Taxis can be found in most towns at special bays from which they can be picked up directly. There are also taxi bays at airports and train stations. Alternatively, a taxi can be ordered from a hotel or other fixed location.

There are a limited number of companies providing tour services in Galicia. These range from individuals and specialist companies tailoring tours and pick-up services for small groups, through to formal coach operated tours following a fixed itinerary and including accommodation and dinning arrangements. the best site to buy replica watches online. High quality watches, unbeatable prices, and fast shipping!